Solving with TypeScript

Solving with TypeScript

ts-problems - A typescript based problem solver deck


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Hi there! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Thanks for checking out this page. If it is okay with you, please read a little longer as this is my first blog post.

ts-problems is maintained by me.

This is also the first post under the series ts-problems ts-problems series.

This also involves making my #typescript problem solver deck public to the community to refine and improve as a solver deck as well the solutions could be shared as a collection to new programmers and they could also collaborate in solving it in these forums, and yes this could be debated and refined and archived into our web history with your contributions.

๐Ÿ“– Need for setup to start solving with typescript:

Many developers try solving competitive coding challenges in various platforms and these platforms while supporting multiple programming languages for the developer, they can write in his/her preferred language of choice, but the editor utility provided not be fully loaded or customised for the developer.

๐Ÿ”ฅ My solutions deck:

I started with leet-code competitive programming and i kind of find online editor is not loaded like my desktop editor, so i just built one project specifically for typescript solutions, so that adding new problems and test-cases are semi-automatic (gulp) so that the developer can have a comfortable spot in mins, before moving forward with the actual programming. New problems can be simple to add into with simple #gulp scripts to debug and automatic #jest tests with basic capabilities for starting templates predefined.

๐ŸŽฏ Making Public:

After sometime, I have decided to move this public which would help typescript community and i recommend interested developers can raise pull request if they do feel it can bring more improvement and help other developers. At the same time, users can also post their solutions for some new problems or refine existing one, may be we will support multiple solutions someday with performance metrics for analysing run-stats and memory usage.

How to use the repo

As usual clone this repo and use npm i to install the dependancies and then you start by running the npm scripts to start making the repo work.

Besides this we have gulp script for some automatic problem page creations which will be adding new problem .ts pages with default .test.ts.

Also do validate a .env created and is pointing to the problem of your concern so that you are not flooded running other problems for the jest testing script at the same time.

Feel free to raise pull requests if you feel it can be constructive.

Also if you are stuck you can comment about a specific problem in my personal blog site here, myself or our community may help finding the solution in some time.

Find this series growing at ts-problems series.

Feel free to contribute to this repo and also you can comment on this blog for continuous improvements and do support my efforts in these initiatives.

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