In this series, I will be curating my articles on serverless technologies and tutorials on AWS CDK v2 in typescript #serverless #aws #awscdk #lambda #dynamodb #cloudwatch #apigateway #s3 #typescript

Articles in this series

Limitations and Solutions to consider while using SQS ❇️
💥 AWS CDK 101 - 💫 Dynamodb Local setup and integrating with sam invoke
🐋 AWS CDK 101 - 🦋 SAM local to test and debug lambda function
🐬 AWS CDK 101 - 🐠 Send message across accounts using SNS topic and SQS
🍉 AWS CDK 101 - 🥒 Cross region putEvents across accounts using Eventbridge for Event-Forwarder project
🤹‍♂ AWS CDK 101 - 🏄 GraphQL Mutations using AppSync with dynamodb